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The PMP-Certification by PMI

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a globally acting non-profit organization established in 1969, with over 130,000 members and 250 regional chapters worldwide.

PMI wants to support project management and project managers globally with knowledge, education and certification.

For this purpose, PMI publishes a global standard for Project Management, the"Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge", the PMBOK Guide,which was acquired by American standards organizations ANSI and partly by ISO.This standard and the proof of professional experience serve as a basis for certification as a „Project Management Professional“ (PMP) through PMI. Over 85,000 project managers worldwide have already been certified - 1,500of them in Germany.

We support this initiative to improve Project Management.

In many companies, employees are working with a very broad practical experience indifferent projects. But often these employees have not received any structured training. This may cause following problems: 

  •  Each project manager works with its own methodology. Thus it is difficult to takeover projects at a later date that someone else has started before.
  •  Thelack of a common language and terminology creates communication problems.
  •  Due to lack of standards and methods, experience from previous projects will be poorly transferred to future projects.
  •  There is no reliable way to certify new project managers. The experience from past projects exist in each project only, but is not generally available to the whole organization.

 Our seminar program aims to solve exactly these problems and is the start of asuccessful program for continuous improvement of competence in Project Management. 


* Inaddition to certification by the PMI requires a proof of 3-5 years of experiencein project work..